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When one considers Osteosarcoma treatment (K9 OSA), a type of bone cancer in dogs, primarily a physical condition comes to mind. After all, nothing is more physically concrete than bone. So, obviously, the primary thing one tries to accomplish is to repair the physical body.

"What medical therapy will heal this illness?" is the natural question. Searching for answers, one looks for nutritional supplements and medical aid to balance the fundamental problem.

While dealing with the physical issues is of primary concern, we've come to be aware of that human as well as animal cancers are the consequence of more than physical problems. We comprehend a mind-body link that relates to all physical diseases. And beyond this, there is a mind-body-emotional link.

We have come to realize that cancers are the consequence of mental, emotional and physical energies that can culminate in dis-ease. Cancer is one of the most dreaded, osteosarcoma being one of the most rapidly-spreading.

We have likewise come to recognize our physical bodies as energy. If you can visualize your physical body under the most powerful microscope conceivable, you will discover that it reveals your physical body is made up of atoms. Atoms are energy.

Our corporeal body is the densest of our energies. Outside the physical body, our bodies become less dense.

Interpenetrating our denser physical bodies are, among others, our mental and emotional bodies.

Interestingly, every thought has its own force which can be calculated electronically. And every emotion has its own particular vibration and color which is also electronically measurable. The emotion of forlorn, for instance, has an oscillation that is measurably different from the emotion of happiness.

Usually, feelings are felt and immediately processed, allowing for a smooth energy stream through and around the body. But sometimes, a feeling can be sensed so strongly that it may become lodged in the body's energy field to interrupt the physical energy stream. This can occur at any time.

The emotion can be one of sorrow, anxiety, or another feeling we recognize as being able to negatively impact our physicality. But, fascinatingly, any all-consuming feeling, even an acute emotion of joyfulness, can be so overpowering that it, too, can become lodged within the physical energy field to change an even flow.

Trapped feelings, whatsoever the reason, warp the normal energy field to create discrepancies in the physical body. The wedged emotions can result in physical, mental and emotional damage.

Blockaded emotions can cause physical pain, intermittent or unceasing emotional suffering, fear, physical congestion, allergies, self-sabotage, diverse problems with the bodily organs, and more.

Lodged feelings can contribute to, or be, the underlying agent in actual diseases like cancer.

Most of us know someone who can see the less weighty bodies, or auras, that encircle and permeate the corporal body. While some can view color emanations from the emotional energies surrounding the body, we all can perceive emotional vibrations in our environment.

We can sense when somebody is angry or sorry or blue or content just by the way they make us feel by their vibrations.

Just as there are those who can observe color emanations, there are individuals who can actually feel stuck emotions. They describe them as spheres of energy, usually about the size of an orange, or a grapefruit, or cantaloupe. These energy balls, when trapped in someone's energy field, bring about a very real instability in the body.

As individual entities, including our dogs and other pets, our individual Subconscious Mind has, much like a computer, perceived and recorded every second of our lives, from the time of creation to date, and even before conception. The Subconscious knows all the particulars, even those the conscious perception didn't mark at the time. It is cognizant of all our deep-seated emotions, when they occurred and if they have been trapped.

Additionally, we can be carrying around the trapped emotions of one, or both, parents, or even the trapped feelings of our antecedents. These balls of energy were transferred to us at the time of conception. And beyond this, we may continue to act out the karma of a trapped emotion from one of our past lives.

These trapped emotions can be found and liberated. The results, in most instances, can be noted right away. Anguish can be relieved; dis-eases swept away, physical, mental and emotional discomforts turned around. Tumors have been known to decrease and even disappear.

The approach was employed on Nikki, a black standard poodle who was suffering with canine osteosarcoma treatments. Once the Trapped Emotion of Self-Anger he had been holding onto for 43 lives, was liberated, the tumor started to diminish.

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